Monday, October 20, 2014

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business

At last weeks TCS Holiday Boot Camp, we discussed pricing and sales.  During that discussion a comment was made about looking at our shops as a business, not just a hobby.  (I am sooo guilty of that).  So, to that end, let me share some links with you...

The first one is our how to page on The Craftstar.  Here you will find tips and directions to get you started on your journey as a member of The Craftstar family.  Such to open you shop and list an item, to help with social media and photography tips.  There is also a discussion thread on the forum where we can help each other with tags.

At the end of the show, Bethan was telling us about Udemy, a site with some great online business courses.  Today I checked them out, and fell in love!!!  It's like Pinterest for the studious. about learning to succeed!

And my last suggestion, I recently did a review for a hardcover book, The Young Entrepreneur's Guide To Starting and Running A Business by Steve Marriotti, and I believe this is a must have for every businessman's library.
I personally enjoy having something I can highlight, write in, and not have to wait for a page to load, but that's just me.  :0)

Ok, now you have all the tools you need to jump in and help your business 
EXPLODE!  So don't just sit there anymore, turn what you love to do into a business to be proud of, and don't forget to join us at tonight's TCS Holiday Boot Camp - Maximizing Social Media.

See y'all there! :0)
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