Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gifts For Guys on The CraftStar!

please keep in mind that shopping from small businesses on The CraftStar helps families directly

The CraftStar Collections:  GIFTS FOR GUYS

We make shopping as easy as possible on The CraftStar!  

Has the turkey been cooked, the drinks toasted, and the football on TV?  Now's the perfect time for gift shopping for guys!

Always one of the hardest to check off your list ... but we're here to help with some great ideas for gifts for guys!


For a great selection of teams:

Tom's Crafts is full of fabulous handmade woodwork  - with something for everyone!
Use Coupon Code: THANKSGIVING2014 for 15% off ENTIRE SHOP!

Wide Eye Dyes is offering 20% off his entire shop of incredibly unique Tie Dye!
Use Coupon Code: BFDyes20

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