Wednesday, November 26, 2014

TCS Artist Feature - Meet Laura Reynolds of Paint It Pretty

We here at The CraftStar love to get to know our artists, and we're sure you would enjoy it too.  As Bethan says "every item has a story" so let's hear it.

Our first artist in this new blog series is
Laura Reynolds of Paint It Pretty

Laura lives with her husband in a typical town on Long Island, NY.  She enjoys living in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, yet close enough to enjoy the excitement of New York City.  She also has 2 grown sons and an awesome daughter-in-law.

In fact, when Laura's sons were small, they would ask her why she was painting something, she would tell them "I'm painting it pretty".  So when Laura took the leap and opened her shop, no other name would do except

Laura has a degree in fine arts, with expressing her talent in sculpting and drawing.  She never took any painting classes, but a few years ago she started experimenting with paint, and pretty much taught herself.  Her painting techniques are an ongoing learning process.

Laura grew up the oldest of 4 sisters with whom she played dolls, a lot, paper dolls in fact.  Laura would draw the dolls and the clothes, then they all would color them and cut them out, which kept everyone busy for hours.  I love this story!  This sounds like so much more fun then spending hours playing video games.  :0)

And here's a little tidbit about Laura...she wears art!  She has a rose tattoo on her ankle and a lily tattoo on the back of her neck.

I asked Laura to share one her favorite items in her shop, and she chose these..
Laura says "I love these happy snowman glasses. They'd look so festive on the table. They can also be displayed as part of the holiday decor when not in use."

When I asked Laura to share her favorite item from another shop, she told me that she could not choose a favorite because there are so many things to love at The CraftStar, but she does like this..

 "I don't have a favorite because there are just too many beautiful things to love. Here is one of my favorites. I love this blanket from The Needle House. It just looks so warm and inviting."

You can visit Laura's shop by clicking on the links above, and she is offering 20% off your order in her Paint It Pretty shop with the coupon code save 20.

One of the great things about The CraftStar is you can have more than one shop, and Laura does have a second shop...
and here she offers unique handpainted bags, and she is also offering 25% off in this shop with the coupon code HOL25.

You can also find, follow, and like Laura Reynolds here...

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