Thursday, November 6, 2014

Try Us....You'll Like Us

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are looking forward to a prosperous one for all of us.  Here's what's we're doing to help promote you...

We are anticipating a wonderful, fun, and full 4 day weekend shopping extravaganza, complete with pinning and tweeting and sharing and LIVE SALES!  So, if you are planning of taking advantage of the busiest time of the year, sign up here.
This is a google document where you can share pertinent information of your weekend sales plans.  There are 4 pages, 1 for each day.  You don't need to do something each day, but if you do, please fill out each page.

Over on our Pinterest page you'll find 18, yes count them, 18 boards of Holiday Gift Guides.  Please feel free to pin any of your items from your The CraftStar shop that will fit with the themes.  But please remember, these boards are for The CraftStar shops only, all other shops are free to pin to our Creative Small Business Board.

Then we have our collections.  A collection is a group of up to 16 items you'll find at The CraftStar that you can put together and share via Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, and of course, we have a Pinterest Board for your holiday collections.

And don't forget our on-going TCScelebrates campaign.  3 days a week we celebrate a member with a cool graphic that everyone can share on google+ and everywhere else.  PLUS I make contact with these shops local media to inform them of the talent they have in their midst.  Publicity is good.  :0)

And let's not forget the power of video!  The CraftStar has a strong presence in video with a youtube channel all our own.  Here's you'll find all our previous shows (boot camp reviews are great) plus we'll help you make your very own video business card!

Now if all this seems to good to be true, it's not.  But if you're not a member of this amazing community yet, here's a special treat just for you.
1 month free membership.
If you're already a member, share us with a friend.

Have a Happy Day Everyone!
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