Monday, December 15, 2014

Tags..What Are They and Why Should I Care

If you are an creative small business owner, you should care about tags because outside of very expensive and detailed concentrated advertising, it is the tags you use that will help you and your items to be discovered.
Now, let the class begin.

1.)  What is a tag?
A tag is a detailed description of an item, blog post, or web site.  It could be as simple as the color, and as complex as the material and use of the item.  It is the tag that any search engine uses to match up your item with a potential customer.  So you can never have too many tags on each listing in your shop.
(Do not confuse an item tag, with a title tag, which is a whole different animal, and a whole separate lesson.)

2.)  Common tags.
Of course you want to include these as tags.
item (scarf, toy, quilt)
color (red, yellow, blue)
size (small, medium, large)
material (yarn, paint, beads)
technique (crochet, knit, wire wrapping)

3.) Detailed tags.
Don't forget to expand on your common tags.
ruffled scarf, stuffed animal, bed quilt
burgundy, lemon, turquoise
choker, matinee, one size fits most
worsted weight yarn, oil paint, lampwork beads
popcorn stitch, cable stitch, metal work

Here's a few helpful links to get more detailed tags...
thesaurus / color thesaurus

4.) Overlooked and forgotten tags,
your shop name
shop catergories (accessories, children, home decor)
holiday (Christmas, Easter, birthday)
item uses (cleaning, gifts, beauty)
recipient of item (women, men, children, pets)

5.) Detail tags.
Every item is unique in one way or the other, expand on that.  Use item specific tags that a customer might use to find a particular item.  If your listing a stuffed animal that is a red cow, use red cow in your tags.  Use multiple word tags as well as single word tags.
red, cow, toy, stuffed animal can also be..
crochet red and white stuffed cow.

The best way to think of great tags is to think like your perfect customer.  When you look at your item, what do you see, and use that to create tags.  And create lots of them.  The possibilities are endless, and so are your tags.

You will find the tag section when you list or update an item, and be sure to separate your tags with a comma so it isn’t just one long run on sentence.

Here's a few more links to help you on your way to becoming a tag expert.
The CraftStar how to page on tags and titles.
And of course there are all sorts of helpful videos on The CraftStar TV.

Here's a fun and easy tip, you can use your favorite tags as hashtags, and your favorite hashtags as tags.
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