Saturday, December 13, 2014

TCS Artist Feature - Meet Elsie Vrendenburg from Quilts by Elsie

"oh, the weather outside is frightful"
What do you need when the temperature drops?  A beautiful quilt, and you won't find any quilts more beautiful than the quilts at Quilts By Elsie.

I asked Elsie a few questions so we could all get to know this artist even better.

 Where, when, how did you learn your craft?

"My dad's mother made quilts and she lived with us when I was in high school.  One day she announced, "You and I are going to make a quilt."  I don't remember being overly excited about it, but my mother encouraged me, Grandma needs to be needed."
Speaking as a Gramma, I can totally agree.  There is nothing better than passing on a talent or hobby, and spending wonderful time with your loving grandchildren.

Check out this amazing and colorful bed quilt, The Misfits.
Elsie was looking through her pile of "orphan" quilt blocks, and created this fun and funky twin size bed quilt.

 Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.

"I've been widowed for 16 years.  3 children, all married, 8 grandchildren, ages 16-29.  4 great grands, ages 1 1/2 to 6.  No pets, nothing I have to feed or clean up after (except when I watch the great-grands, and that's temporary)"

Tell us a little bit about where you, farm, suburb.

"Rural Michigan, about 10 miles from Cadillac.  I have about 15 acres, of which I rent a little bit to a neighboring farmer, have a garden, a big lawn (riding lawn mower) and a big hill which is wooded, an old orchard, which produces old variety apples (if the frost or the worms don't get them).  I can and freeze what I can from my garden and orchard."
Ah, green acres is the place for me!  As a fellow country girl, I have to admit to a little jealousy for all the acreage. lol

Elsie's quilts are not just functional, they are art!  And if you are a city slicker with a country bumpkin heart, you can hang up this wall quilt, Along the quilt trail.

  Share a story / memory of your childhood. 

"I went to a one-room country school through 6th grade, walked 1 3/4 miles to school.  I absolutely hated going into town to school in the 7th grade.  It took me a while to adjust, after being in a class of 3 kids."
How cool is that?  I bet kids today would "just die" if they had to walk to school. lol

I asked Elsie to pick a favorite piece from her shop, and the piece she picked is also my favorite from her shop, a wall hanging titled Heartsong.
She chose this quilt because she said it was probably the most challenging one she ever made.
The colors and curls and hearts and flowers just take my breath away.

And her favorite item from another shop at The CraftStar?  This steampunk butterfly necklace from Steampunk Beadery.  When asked why this was her favorite, she said that it just appealed to her.  It does to me too. 

Now it's time for you to check out more from Quilts by Elsie, she not only creates wonderful bed and wall quilts, but she also offers patterns, quilt magnets and postcards, and quilted bags.  A plethora of quilted items.  And Elsie is offering free shipping on everything in her shop, that's a great deal!

You can also find Elsie here...

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