Monday, January 5, 2015

Lesson 4 - Extra Information For Your Selling Experience

Today we're going to take a quick look at some extras you'll find to use in your shop.

We just finished our Profile, and we'll come back to the My Shops section tomorrow, so let's check out the payment information page.

Pretty simple and straight-forward, hit edit, and enter your PayPal info so you can start raking in all the moola! lol  And did you know that you can order a free debit card from PayPal to access your funds without having to transfer the money to your checking account?  I didn't, but I do now.  :0)

Next is Products Purchased so you can track where you're spending all the moola you're raking in. LOL.  You will see a list of your orders with a view order button next to it.  That view order button allows you to print your order, share what you purchased on your social media sites, leave a comment for the seller, and most important...a button to rate the seller.  If you purchase an item from another shop, please, please, please take the time to rate the seller, as this rating will show on their shop page for other potential customers to see.

Next button are your Products Sold.  It looks pretty much the same as the above page, with an added button, Request Rating.  This button will only show on the orders that your customer did not give a rating for, so you can send them a gentle reminder.  And it's automated so you don't have to beg in an email, just click and it's done.

Next is Support Request.  If you have any issues or questions, this button will connect you to the powers that you can see, again this is easy to use, and you can track your requests, and our responses here.  If you need help with your shop site, please ask it here, not on the forums.  This also helps the support team to track the issue closer in order to satisfy you.

Next is Moderate Comments.  Here you will find the comments your customer have left you.

Next is a list of your Collections, and I'm saving that for a separate class.  They are lot of fun to make and a great promotional item.

The next two buttons are where you will find all your saved favorite items and shops.

The last button is for your Feedback.  Your star ratings will show here on your profile page.  Great info for your potential customers.

That's it for today....tomorrow we start the fun part....setting up our shops.
So finish today's homework, and get your profile and payment information ready.

Tata for now,
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