Saturday, January 3, 2015

Set Up Shop - Your Profile

Good Morning's lesson is setting up your profile and other important information.

Signing in is as easy as entering your email and password.

Step 3 - setting up your profile.

To get to your profile, click on your name.

And this is what you'll see....a perfect blank canvas to tell your customers all about you.
You'll notice the section on the left with all sorts of cool stuff.  We'll talk about them later.
Click the pretty pink edit button.

The name you enter here should be your real name, not your shop name.  This name will also show up in the forums, and most customers like to know that they are purchasing a handcrafted item from a real person.  And the next box is where you can tell your potential customer about you.  Be sure to fill this out with information like your specialized talents, any awards or education you may have received, and where you are located.  You don't have to get super personal but share what you are comfortable with....most customers do read your profile and no (or little) information will not give them the confidence to order from you.

Now for all your social media links.

Adding your links to the about you section does NOT take the place of this very important section.  The information you supply here will show up on your shops front page for easy connection with your customers.  So please take advantage of this part and fill in ALL your social sites.

Scroll down and you'll see where you can enter your gender, and your photo.  Yes, a personal photo is important.  A professional type of photo is important.  No, you don't need to pay money to a professional photographer (though that would be nice), just don't use a silly picture.  Don't be dressed in your pajamas, or use weird filters to make your face round or skinny or anything totally unusual.  Weird is fine, and I myself had a hard time finding a picture where I wasn't sticking my tongue out or crossing my eyes, BUT you want potential contacts to take you, and your talent, and your business seriously.  So chose a nice, and still true to your personality, photograph.

Here is where you can also change your password, if you ever need to.

And don't forget to click the pretty pink update button after each section.

When you're done your page will look something like this.

Don't worry, when your customer sees this, they won't see the edit button. :0)
The photo at the bottom left is the start of the contact section, this is where all your social media buttons will appear.  Next class we will go over all the sections in the left hand box.
(Yes there is more to do BEFORE you start loading your shop with all your amazing items).

Tata for now,
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