Friday, January 16, 2015

Lesson 8 - Make Your Listing Live - And Don't Forget To Share

Good Morning students,  today we're going to finish up our first item listing.
First...sign your on the draft button...and you'll see this...

On each item in your shop, under any tab, you'll see the options to edit/duplicate/delete (you can only delete from the draft section).  The duplicate button is great if you have remake your items after they are purchased, or whenever you want more than one listing of an item.  Today let's finish our listing...hit edit.
Scroll down to where we left off...your product description.

MAKE YOUR DESCRIPTIONS COUNT!!!  A potential customer cannot touch or smell your item, so while your great photos caught their attention, it's your amazing descriptions that will catch the sale.  Use words to evoke emotions. Be expansive in your expressions if your are describing color or smell.  Tell the customer why they need this item.  Share a story or history about your creation.  And don't forget size and measurements.

A new options we have here at The CraftStar is a variation section.  If you offer your item in a choice of color or sizes, here is where you share that information with your customer.

Now your shipping information and costs.  In your profile you have already stated your return policy, so here you will share your shipping policy.  How will it ship, when it will ship, and anything else special about shipping that particular item.  And then you add your shipping costs.  Local shipping first, and then

International shipping.  When you check the international shipping box, it will drop down all this other information for you to fill out.  If you don't check the box, you won't see all of this.  I have never shipped internationally, so I truly have no idea about costs, taxes, or tariffs.

The components section is where you will list everything your item is created from....
type of yarn-paint-metal-fabric-paper
you get my drift.

This last section is a great addition, these badges show up at the top corner of your item page, and you can choose as many as you need.  So if your multi-media item is created in Canada with vintage watch parts on recycled paper, click all 3 appropriate buttons.  :0)

Then update...this will make your item LIVE!

And this is what you will see easy way to promote your new item right away.

So that should do it for are ready to fill up your shop with all your great creations.
We will come back in a few days and look at some other great options on the site, but for now

go get em tiger!

Tata for now,
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