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TCS Artist Feature - Meet Aimee Milan from PolychromeBeads

Today I would love to share with you an amazing artist and her shop on The CraftStar.
Aimee Milan from Polychrome Beads.

Aimee first joined The CraftStar family back in September of 2012 and she shares her story with us.

blue dichrotab lampwork bead

 What is the story behind your shop name?

“Polychrome” means “may-colored” – and I love color!  I use lots of colors in my beads, and I felt the name “PolychromeBeads” was pretty much descriptive of what I had to offer.

Where, when, how did you learn your craft?

I’ve been working glass in the flame since about 2001.  I saw a demo at a shop and just fell in love with it!  The way the glass flows, the shine, the colors – it’s the perfect medium for me. 
I am basically self-taught, learning from books, from the internet, and from trial and error.  And lots and lots of practice!
red/orange lampwork bead

Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.

I am married with two grown stepsons, they live near us but not with us.  My husband and I have two cats and a dog who are all totally spoiled!  My 87-year-old Mother also lives with us,
as she cannot live by herself.  Since I work at home it makes it easier to take care of Mom.

Tell us a little bit about where you, farm, suburb.

I live in Hayward, CA – up in the hills, but still in the city.  We have a nice home on a cul-de-sac, so it’s quiet.  And a good-sized yard for Buster (the dog) to run around in!

Tell us something about you that no-one else might know

I have a guilty pleasure – I watch cheesy sci-fi flicks while I work on the torch!  Well, only half-watch, they’re usually so predictable that you don’t have to pay close attention to them –
which actually makes them good entertainment while I melt glass.

Share your social media links and where we can find you on the 


My website is – I try to blog about shows I’m doing and new beads and the like.  It has links to all my sales venues.  I’m actually pretty lousy at updating it –
hmmm, time to go do another post…

 pick a favorite item from your shop, and why is it your favorite.
“Lost Eden” is probably my favorite – it came out exactly as I imagined it.  The colors are just right, the shape is just right, it’s really lovely. 
Lost Eden

 pick a favorite item from another shop, and why is it your favorite.

I really like Scarlet Impressions Lampwork – she’s a glassworker from the U.K.  Her murrini are stunning and her beach focals have such great color.  This one is probably my favorite:
Tidal Waves

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Now it's your on any link and check out the amazing products from this very talented artist.  And don't forget to share. :0)

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