Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Introducing The CraftStar Shops - Noveenna

Introducing The CraftStar Shops - Noveenna

Beadwoven jewelry, accessories, decor.  The item you see in the listing is the item you will receive.  Custom requests are welcome.  Every item is a quantity of 1, but some items I can make more of the same color.  See something but not in a color you want or need a different size? I can probably do that.  Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  I check in everyday (unless there is bad weather, I'm in Florida). I try to ship next business day (Monday-Friday).  There may be exceptions, I will let you know asap. ...


Lt Topaz / Mauve Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet

Abracadabra Beadwoven Earrings

                                Bodega & Lt Grey Beadwoven Bracelet 

                                        Magma Beadwoven Lariat

Turquoise & Gold Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet 

Moonstone Beadwoven Pendant Necklace

Capri-Blue/Ruby & Dk Indigo Beadwoven Earrings

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