Friday, December 6, 2013

Meet the Artist! Cards and More By Sheri 30% OFF Blow Out Sale on The CraftStar!

 Cards and MoreBy Sheri Blow Out Sale - 30% OFF Entire Shop

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Meet the Artist:

My husband and I are both originally from Missouri, but we've been living in Texas since 2008 due to a job promotion and transfer.  We have four dogs and volunteer with Texas Boston Terrier Rescue.

My mother is an outstanding oil paint artist and I can remember her always asking me to look at a painting that she was struggling with to help her determine what was wrong with it.  I believe that's where my eye for color was developed.  I've always been artsy/craftsy.  I got into rubber stamping and paper crafting when a friend invited me to a "stamp party."  I thought it was something about postage stamps and I would be bored out of my mind, but when I discovered the rubber stamping, I was instantly hooked.  It just enforced the notion that I never outgrew loving to color!  I love working with paper and card stock!

I recently started making jewelry.  I was participating in online auctions and was so interested in all of the beautiful beads and components people were selling.  A few friends encouraged me, and after watching countless You Tube videos, other tutorials and a class at a local bead store, I jumped in.  I started with simple earrings, and earrings are still my favorite thing to make.

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