Thursday, October 2, 2014

Join The Fun And Accept The Challenge

Who's ever watched MacGyver?  He was a cool dude who could make the most useful items out of the strangest items he found lying around, a real hero.
Right now we have are having a challenge here at The Craftstar for our crafting heros...
The MacGyver Crafting Challenge!
Here's how it works...we send you 6 items, you add 3 of your own, and create something totally cool and unique.  You get to show your crafting talents on our show, and your finished product will go into a special The Craftstar shop where all the proceeds will be given to a charity for children.
Doesn't that sound like fun???
Visit our facebook page (link below) and sign up for the!

Post by TheCraftStar.

In case you haven't heard, Bethan has applied for a grant for The Craftstar and we need your vote.  This is what Bethan has to say...

When I launched The CraftStar, I wanted to create a community of creative small businesses who all helped each other grow. And we've done that!!

But my dream hasn't stopped there ... I want The CraftStar to become THE place buyers and sellers go for quality created and curated items ... without having to worry if they're buying poor quality, manufactured disappointments.

I'm applying for a grant that will help us to build out The CraftStar further, and to put a ton of money into promoting and advertising which will help raise awareness. We are still the new kids on the block! New ... but mighty.

Please help us win this grant by taking 2 seconds to vote here:

We'd REALLY appreciate it, and so would the creative small business community!!!

Thank you. 

Well, that's it for a link, vote, and join the fun.
Until next time,
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