Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sharing, It's Just A Click Away

We all love to create something beautiful.  
And we all love when our beautiful creations sell, that sort of validates us as artists. 
 The CraftStar is much more than just an e-commerce site.
We're a home for artists, a community, a family,
and when one member succeeds, we all succeed.
That's why sharing is important.  Not just sharing our own items, but sharing other items, and shops, and even sharing The CraftStar as a great addition/alternative to other selling venues.
So let's learn how The CraftStar makes sharing easy, for all of us.

First up, the landing page...
...see that pretty pink stripe?  These are quick link buttons to the following sites,
google+, pinterest, twitter, facebook, tumbler, and wanelo.
These buttons will take you to The CraftStars page for each social site, making it very easy for you to like and follow us on these sites.

You have the same buttons on the front page...

Now to share shops... the bottom of every shop page (yours and others) you'll see the action box, just click and share.

This is what you'll see pop up..,

 can change the wording if you wish, and don't forget your hashtags.

Now, let's look at an item page...
BAM...there's those buttons again.
How easy can this be???

These buttons are on every item of every page of every shop.

So no more excuses...
start sharing today.

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